What Vegetables Are Bad For Dogs

What Vegetables Are Bad For Dogs

Sometimes your furry friend is hoping for just a little taste of the food you are eating or preparing. There are foods that are considered unsafe for dogs.   In the vegetable food category these vegetables can be harmful to dogs.

 Onions and Garlic: They contain compounds that can damage a dog's red blood cells which leads to anemia. This applies to all forms of onion and garlic, cooked, powdered, or mixed in other foods.

 Mushrooms: Wild mushrooms can be very poisonous so watch on your walks that your dog is not eating any  mushrooms. The normal mushrooms you use in cooking should be ok, but a safe approach is to keep them away from eating any mushrooms.

 Unripe Tomatoes: They contain a chemical called tomatine which can damage the nervous system, kidneys or digestive tract. Also, the stems and leaves of tomatoes contain solanine which is toxic to dogs.

 Potatoes: Raw and green potatoes contain solanine and can be toxic. Solanine can cause diarrhea, vomiting and confusion. Cooked potatoes in moderation might be safe but the best policy is to avoid giving your dog all the potatoes.

 Eggplant: Although not toxic as the vegetables listed above, it has been linked to allergic reactions in some dogs. So the safest plan is to avoid giving your dog eggplant or giving them a ridiculously small quantity of cooked eggplant to see if they can tolerate it without allergic reactions.

 Asparagus: Lesser amounts have not been noted to have negative effects on dogs, but large amounts have been shown to lead to upset the digestive system.

 Corn On The Cob: Corn is not toxic, but there is a danger in digesting the cob which can cause intestinal blockages.

 Every dog is unique and some may have sensitivities to certain foods and other dogs may have no adverse effects. As always it is good practice to check with a veterinarian when you are considering introducing new foods to your dog.             https://www.getkennel.com